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Our Inventory

Come in and see our new stock of Vespa scooters!

As with the rest of the site, click the logos to get details you would normally take our time asking for.

Let's Vespa!

This Premier line of scooters is renowned for their technology, quality, and culture. The pinnacle of scooter-life starts and ends here.

Quality and Style

Since 1954, Sanyang Motor Co. has worked with other manufactures like Honda, to manufacture parts and products for up to 90 countries worldwide.

Passion to Redefine

Now built by SYM, Lance started in the mid-00's with a petite lineup of scoots. Their strong, growing presence in the industry helps eliminate the doubt of non-name brand manufactures.


Enter the Scene

These are Alliance Powersports most cost effective option. Scootstar is an excellent choice for your high school or Cal Poly student, with a wide range of colors and two different engine sizes.

Used Bikes

Rekindling the Drive

All of our used machines go through a rigorous inspection and are serviced as needed. Many of our bikes are from local folks and customers, meaning we already have a relationship with them.

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